5 Most Disappointing Blockbusters of Summer 2016 ?

2016 has been mixed year for movies with big blockbuster movies failing to woo audiences and receiving mixed to negative reviews by the critics .  Here is  a list of the 5 most disappointing movies this summer :

  • Suicide Squad and BvS:Dawn of Justice : The DCEU had a rocky start with Man of Steel receiving  mixed reviews from critics and audiences and needed either one or both of these movies to have a positive vibe but when they came about they were panned by the critics and had a mixed reaction with the general audience . Personally  I hated suicide squad  but  enjoyed BvS(it was a decent movie)  . Both of the movies made good amount of money to continue with sequels but if this trend goes on longer then the whole cinematic universe will be in a limbo .MarqueeMovies_1400x495_SuicideSquad_skull_56d50b7663dcc0.07388782
  • Jason Bourne : This was a  highly anticipated movie  as Matt Daemon as well as Paul Greengrass was returning to the franchise but the end result was the same recycled plot and nothing new to offer  the audience . Jason Bourne was still trying to remember the past , the guys behind the monitor are still hunting him , some old guy has all the answer and lets not forget the classic dialog , “Oh My God , It’s Jason Bourne”. I’d be glad if this franchise was just put to rest and the cast and crew move to other  better things .
  • Independence Day : Resurgence : The first independence movie was a pretty fun action-sifi movie with good character and a simple story . This movie however fails to live up to the original and fall apart instantly . The characters don’t seem interesting and they kill off will smith and bring his son who is boring as fuck. The movie has some entertaining parts but the cons outweigh the pros . Overall , this movie is just a cheap cash grab for the studio to milk the shit out the franchise .
  • Warcraft : Video game movies have not had a good run in Hollywood . Most of them have sucked and they end up being a quick profit making tool for the studio . However with Warcraft , we had a good writer/director , Duncan Jones and a good cast . There was a lot of hope in the film community that this movie will be the movie to break ground for future video game adaptations but in the end it ended up being a movie for the fans rather than a general audience . If you know the warcraft universe then you will most likely enjoy it but if you just want a good , fun movie to watch then you will be lost . Since it made a ton of movie , there will most likely be a sequel and i hope it doesn’t falter like its predecessor .       warcraft-movie-poster-full_987.0.0 More : 3 reasons warcraft movie sucked



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