3 reasons warcraft movie sucked

(SPOILERS AHEAD)Warcraft is the latest movie to be based on a popular game series of the same name . Though it may have been a financial success globally , it did not sit well with critics . Like most of the video game adaptations , this movie failed to woo the critics . There was a lot of the lore and fan service to the people who knew and have played the game but for general audiences like me , i felt completely lost . It felt like a complete CGI mess with some good moments here and there . Lets look at 3 reasons warcraft became a bad movie ,

  1. Too much Information :   This movie had a simple plot , the orcs come to Azaroth as their world is shit and are trying to take over this new place . This simple plot line has so much information jammed into it that you forget who is doing what and who is who . The movie feels makes you feel that you should know all the lore of this world and most  general audience wouldn’t know anything . If this was just a simple movie with minimal amount of lore for people to understand it would be a lot better and  they could have expanded the world little by little in the upcoming sequels .
  2. Uninteresting Characters : Most of the characters in this movie felt like they had no charisma or personality . The orc magician felt like a cartoon , the guardian seemed like a bland character . Lothar was somewhat a good character portrayal but the romance with Grorna seemed unnecessary and cringey .The orcs also seemed like mindless creatures that just want to kill rather than someone looking for a new home to live . Duratan seemed interesting until he was killed off for no reason but to move the plot and for setting up sequels .
  3. Sloppy:  The movie itself is very sloppy . The story progression , character introduction , character development are done in an absurd manner and  sometimes there was so much CGI that it felt more like a animated movie and less a live action movie.

This movie also falls in line with the failed video game adaptations in Hollywood and i hope the sequel does a good job at keeping its shit together and no turning into a sloppy mess .


5 thoughts on “3 reasons warcraft movie sucked

  1. Hmmm…we had a different reaction to the movie — my reviewing partner and I had zero background on the game (we aren’t gamers) but we both really enjoyed the “Warcraft” movie. I thought the animation was really good and there was plenty to keep me interested. I guess I’m a looking forward to a sequel (so are we nuts, or what)? Really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the movie, though!


  2. […] Warcraft : Video game movies have not had a good run in Hollywood . Most of them have sucked and they end up being a quick profit making tool for the studio . However with Warcraft , we had a good writer/director , Duncan Jones and a good cast . There was a lot of hope in the film community that this movie will be the movie to break ground for future video game adaptations but in the end it ended up being a movie for the fans rather than a general audience . If you know the warcraft universe then you will most likely enjoy it but if you just want a good , fun movie to watch then you will be lost . Since it made a ton of movie , there will most likely be a sequel and i hope it doesn’t falter like its predecessor .       More : 3 reasons warcraft movie sucked […]


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