Is a Bridge Course really “that” necessary?

Ah! It’s that time of the year again. You’ve just completed your SLC and there are random people on the street shoving flyers to your face. Some will even invite you in their office and give you reasons why you should join their Bridge Course. You’ll probably see tons of bridge course advertisements on newspapers too. Then soon enough, your parents are gonna tell you to join one. But is Bridge Course really that necessary?

“Vai, SLC sidhyako ho?”, “Aau baini, hamro Bridge Course ko package nikai sasto cha!” Sound familiar? I was one of the students who was approached by various random people while walking along Sundhara. I didn’t wanna join one but a lot of my friends were joining and I had extra pressure from my dad to join one. So I joined one called “Intel Bridge Course”. I went there for like 2 weeks and stopped. I parents still think that I studied Bridge Course for 2 months while I was enjoying my 3 months holiday.

A lot of these Bridge Course people will tell you that Grade 11 is hard as compared to Grade 10 (it is, have you seen the size of a Physics book?) and you must join Bridge Course (you don’t need to). You see, all you will ever learn in Bridge Course is the same thing you’ll learn in the first few months of grade 11. And by the time your teacher at +2 will start teaching chapters you had studied in Bridge Course, you’ll have already forgotten. Now for those people who are aiming for the likes of St. Xavier’s, Budanilikhanta, SOS, etc. you don’t need to join Bridge Course either cause remember what I told earlier, You’ll learn grade 11 stuffs in Bridge Course and these colleges don’t ask any questions from Grade 11 in their entrance tests. So just practice some Grade 10 materials at your home.

So a Bridge Course isn’t really necessary. Like Really, IT ISN’T. No matter how many people tell you it is. Don’t believe me? Just ask any senior who studied Bridge Course and they’ll give you the same answer: Don’t Go. I mean let’s face it, the same people who tell you that Bridge Course is important haven’t studied Bridge Course. It wasn’t there during their time. So the best bet is to ask someone who has. Bridge Course is just the business of ruining your holiday by scaring the shit outta you by telling that it’s important and emptying your pockets.

I’d rather enjoy my holiday than throw money at these Bridge Course Institutes to study shit that I’ll be studying after 2-3 months. You could learn a new language or learn programming classes or heck, go for a vacation outside valley instead of sitting in a small room taking boring classes.

The only advantage of Bridge Course is that you make some new friends. Now the choice is up to you: Do you want to spend about 6-10K to make new friends or use that money to have a good time with your current friends?



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