5 reasons Batman V Superman didn’t meet expectations

Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice is the second installment in the DCEU and is directed by Zack Snyder . The movie was one of the most anticipated movie of 2016 with the iconic DC characters being featured in the film . The movie opened with mostly negative reviews from the critics and mixed  reviews from the fans . So , what went wrong in the film that resulted in this catastrophic reaction ? why did three years worth of wait lead to disappointment ?  lets see ,

  1. Zack Snyder

    Most of Zack synder’s movies have had mixed reviews , from 300 to Man of Steel , he hasn’t had movies that have had universal praise . His highest rated movie on Rotten Tomatoes is Dawn of the Dead , which has above 70% and is certified fresh . In terms of visual effects and style , he is pretty much stop on but he has a very hard time telling a story to the audience . His editing is weak and feels discombobulated . In my opinion , his worst part is writing . The movies he has wrote have bombed and they pretty much suck(*wink*Sucker Punch*wink*). He doesn’t explain why characters are doing what they are doing and how they play out in the whole story .

  2. Casting

    The casting in this film has been controversial from the start . Starting with Ben affleck cast as batman then Gal Gadot as wonder woman and the biggest out of the bunch Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther . By the time the film rolled around most people were sold on Batman and Gal Gadot did a decent job but Jesse Eisenberg got panned as lex . His goofy shenanigans and weird attitude didn’t seem like lex luthor but a wanna be lex luthor . He may have tried his best but most of the people weren’t sold . Some say this was just the beginning of the evolution of lex but we’ll have to see in the future movies how his character plays out .deadpool-v-superman-could-the-merc-with-a-mouth-beat-the-man-of-steel-jesse-eisenberg-486994

  3. Doomsday

    Doomsday is one of the most iconic superman villains in the DC universe and in this movie it just felt like they shoehorned it as a generic monster that the heroes need to unite to fight . It could have been used in later superman films and would have made a great storyline . The doomsday design also wasn’t that good . It looked like a fusion of TMNT and Abomination(Hulk 2008) and didn’t have any big moment that defined it as a definite villain . It felt like this whole section should not have been in the movie.Batman-V-Superman-Doomsday-free-trailer

  4. Batman Vs Superman

    The movie was titled Batman V Superman but there was hardly any of it in the movie . They fight for like 8 minutes and become buddies without a certain about of character development . Bruce wayne , who is holding so much of rage inside of him suddenly thinks superman is a good guy because both supes and batman have mothers with the same name . The whole rivalry could have been ended if they just sat down and had a good chat about the world and about themselves.jljrgrvsdrjtbkwcd1hd

  5. Killing of Superman and not sticking with it

    Personally , for me this was the biggest let down(I enjoyed the film). They kill superman but then they roll back and show the soil levitating . They could have ended the film with the funeral and made superman’s death a mystery until justice league rolls out .

These are in my opinion the major problems of this movies and why it had a negative reaction by the critics and mixed reaction by the fans . I hope suicide squad knocks it out of the park and the WB/DC team learn from the mistakes of BvS:DOJ and improve upon it in JL and future DC movies .


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