Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice Review(Spoilers)

Batman v Superman is the second film in the DCEU and is helping to set up other characters in this universe that are gonna have their own movie .With Man of Steel getting mixed reviews , this movie has a lot of pressure to do well . In m opinion it was good , not one of the best comic book movies or the worst . It had some major problems here and there but it also had some pretty good parts . The movie was a visual spectacle , it looked and felt great . Its major problem would be the editing and storytelling . Lets get into the details of the film .

  There were some major plot holes and lazy writing in the movie . The flash cameo felt out of place . The whole batman v superman fight would’t have even happened if they had just sat down had  a chat . Lois just seems like she should’t even be there but is . The fight between bat and supes just takes place for like 8-10 minutes and they suddenly become buddies without a depth analysis of what the fuck was happening around them . I didn’t mind the doomsday plot but it could have been removed and added in Justice league Part 1 . During the middle part of the movie , it got somewhat boring mainly because of poor storytelling and editing . The transition between different scenes felt out of place and there was no emotional balance between the story and the representation .

Batman and Alfred: Batman in this movies was pretty great . I think he is the best batman to date . Ben Affleck did an excellent job in portraying this old and deranged batman . The main problem with batman was the way he straight up killed people . There was no resonable explanation given . Also i really ejoyed this new incarnation of alfred who know’s how shit is done and is a resonable guy . This movie got me excited to see the Batman film in development and also his character in JL and other movies in the DCEU . Overall , this was an awesome batman .

Superman : Superman was okay . There wasn’t much of  a hugh applauding moment for superman except when he dies and Henry Cavill did a good job as superman .I hope when superman resurrects  he is given a different aspect in storytelling .  Superman also kills a guy in the first part of the movie when lois gets captured and superman rams the terrorist through the wall . Overall he didn’t disappoint .

Wonder Woman : I really enjoyed  wonder woman in this movie . She did a great job during the action sequences . He line delivery wasn’t bad and she got me excited for the solo WW movie coming in 2017 . She didn’t have a major role except fighting doomsday but whenever she was on screen it made me happy .

Lex Luthor : Lots of people were skeptical about jesse and the trailes didn’t help either . Lot of reviews i’ve read have people hating on jesse like the worst thing in the movie but i frankly didn’t mind his portrayal . He was annoying some times but i enjoyed his weird take on lex and hope to see his character evolve in future films .

Zack Snyder’s direction :  Zack snyder disappointed me with his bad storytelling and editing . He makes the movies look visually spectacular but he did a really poor job in fleshing out the characters and there was no smooth progress in the story .  I enjoy dark and intense movies but they should be done right . I think his last stand stand should be JL pt 1 cause it he fails at that he should be doing other projects that suit his style .

Overall this was a good movie and i think it will do pretty good at the box office . If you want an enjoyable movie , you should check Batman V superman out .Finally ,  I would give it 6.8/10


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