Donald and the Dank Memes

Donald Trump has been a really big controversial figure in 2016 US Presidential election . He statements like ‘Mexican’s are Rapists’ , ‘Islam hates us’ , ‘I guarantee you there is no problem’  have met with huge controversy . The internet has also reacted heavily to his statements with people that are heavily with him or heavily against him . There is no middle ground .

The internet has pumped out millions of memes regarding Donald Trump and his presidential run . Every time he speaks the Dank meme factory gets energized like superman getting energy form the yellow sun . Not only Donald Trump  but his surrogates have also been memefied . Ex-Cadidates like Chris Christe who endorsed Trump have also been memefied by the internet with Donut jokes(small loan of a million donuts) and for being trumps puppet .  Also Ben carson was meme waiting to happen and it happened .

images (1)

images (2)

Even Donald Trumps hair has been  a topic of talk . Some say its pretty fake while other say its a beauty . Its a topic that is open to analysis and research . Donald Trump may or may not be a fascist but he is an amazingly weird creature .trump-mexicans-meme



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