Bernie Sanders Vs Donald Trump


Bernie Sanders is a senator from the state of Vermont and is also the longest serving independent in U.S. congressional history . He is running for the democratic nomination for president of the United States .


Donald Trump is a business man from New York and is running for the Republican nomination for president of the united states.He has been a controversial figure in the election for making outlandish statements about Muslims , immigrants and furthermore his Dick .

On the Issues


Sanders has laid out detailed policies on how to tackle the crumbling economy and also very important but ignored issues like climate change. His main issues has been addressing the depleting middle class and the crumbling economy that is bringing huge wealth gap between the rich and the poor . Lots of establishment critics have said that his plans to make public colleges tuition free , raising the minimum wages to $15/hr and single payer are too radical even though every other civilized nation has these policies .

Donald Trump on the other hand has very little policy has and all his policies include banning Muslims , building a wall on the mexican border that mexico will pay for , go after families of isis members , invade countries if america can get most of their oil and most importantly emphasizing the size of his dick on a presidential debate  stage .

His main policy is ,

                   Make America Great Again



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