Who will be the republican nominee ?

Donald trump has won New Hampshire and will be moving with his huge victory to the southern states . Next state is Nevada but the important one is south Carolina  . Most of the candidates will be looking toward South Carolina and  try to get a respectable percentage of vote . Trump has a big lead in SC but that might shrink with all the money pouring down in the state . Carson and Cruz will try to capitalize with the black and religious votes .


In  my opinion , NH is the highest point for  John Kasich in the trail . Rubio will most likely try to not look like a ROBOT and i think he will finish around third or fourth in SC. Jeb and Christe should drop out , they have no chance . Other small candidates like Fiorina , Gilmore should drop out .

Trump will continue with the same strategy but won’t boycott debates . If he wins the SC , then in super Tuesday he may win the most states . After SC , the republican field will be much clearer . Carson will look till SC to see his chances but Trump and Cruz may go till the end of the primaries .


The Republican nominee in this race will be either Trump or Cruz with their anti-establishment and extreme approaches to issues .




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