Playing the Trump Card

This Election season has been really interesting with surprisingly Donald Trump leading the republican side . Trump has been crushing the other candidates in the opinion polls and with Iowa so close , he was even bold enough to skip/boycott the 28th Jan Republican debate . So , how has Donald been able to lead the Republican side even though he was predicted to have a fall out and leave the race ?


Lets begin with the fact that Trump has a lot of experience in the TV/Entertainment business so he knows how to manipulate the media . He hasn’t been in politics much and he can easily say that he is sick of the same old system and how its broken . He’s been tapping into the angry republican base who are sick of the same old and want big changes in the government and the party  .

Trump has been using the media for a lot of publicity with his statements and the media seem to be all over it . The establishment have to trying to sideline trump and bring forth their candidate but they have failed spectacularly with trump leading even further . He has always been a topic of controversy and the media loves some controversy . He knows how to get attention and he presents himself as a macho guy who’s got everything under control and lots of republican base seem to like his macho style .


The republican party also has a thing with the Muslims , so when trump says to ban all Muslims , they rejoice and support him . His immigration idea has also hit people who have come to america legally and don’t wants their hard earned citizenship right to be given easily  to some guy who’s been living in the country illegally .

images (1)

In my view skipping the fox debate was a pretty good idea but could have been handled differently . He should have boycotted the debate by a different reason rather than blaming megyn kelly . The way the debate went, he would have been slaughtered by the debate panel and they would have made him look bad . The debate wasn’t much impactful to change the voters mind so looks like trump will likely be the nominee .

GO OUT AND VOTE . Bernie Vs Trump all the way .


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