Who will win Iowa ?

The Iowa Caucus is just days away and all the candidates are doing all they can to come up on top . Here , i give you my prediction for Iowa and how it will affect the rest of the primary race .

In the Democratic side  , Clinton and Sanders are in a tight spot as there is no clear winner in the opinion polls . The CNN town hall meeting was the final pitch for the candidates to make their case and both clinton and sanders did a very good job and o’malley also had a good night but i don’t think it’s gonna affect the poll numbers that much .

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In the caucus , the candidates need to have at least 15% of the vote to be counted but o’malley most likely  won’t get to 15% and more than half of his voters will move to the sanders side while some will move to Clinton . i think that Iowa will go to Bernie Sanders by a margin of about 4-7 % with Clinton . Just like Obama in 2008 , Sanders has had a lot of young people’s  support and a lot of them will show up at Caucus day . With Sanders win of Iowa and New Hampshire , the race will be wide open for anyone to be the nominee .


In the GOP side , Donald trump had some competition from Ted Cruz before the Jan 14 debate but after that debate , trump’s poll numbers started to rise again in Iowa . Trump will most likely win Iowa and then eventually the nomination . Cruz and Rubio may be a problem after some candidates drop out but he is far ahead in the polls to fall back to the pits . The coming debate in 28 Jan probably won’t shake up the polls but it will be fun to watch .


donald-trump-is-losing-his-insane-pr-war-against-mexico-1435778037-crop_mobileDonald trump is gonna shake up the republican party like never before and he will most likely lose the general election . This election season is gonna be epic .


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