Live through Your Wounds

We all have been wounded in different ways. The more we open our wound to be healed the more we find ourselves getting hurt. But do you know what the real problem in the way we deal with our wounds lies? It’s in the choice we make to receive our wounds in our head where we allow our mind to analyze them and find its causes and consequences. This may solve the problem temporarily but no final healing is to come from that source. To let these wounds heal completely we ought to receive it in our hearts.

It is certain that the experience is going to be painful or sometimes unbearable but it is better than getting hurt by the same thing time and again. So, we need to let go of our need to stay in control of the pain instead we need to put it at the service of our heart. We need to give ourselves sufficient time to let the wound heal. Only and only in our heart can wounds find safe place to be received and after they have been received and once the wounds get to know that we are ready to accept the pain, they will lose their power to inflict damage and become fruitful soil for new life.


A short extract from the speech of Henri Nouwen explains it all. He had said, “Think of each wound as you would of a child who has been hurt by a friend. As long as that child is ranting and raving, trying to get back at the friend, one wound heals to another. But when the child can experience the consoling embrace of a parent, she or he can live through the pain, return to the friend, forgive, and build up a new relationship. Be gentle with yourself, and let your heart be your loving parent as you live your wounds through.”


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