Trump takes it home: GOP debate Review


The new republican debate happened today , Jan 14 , hosted by fox business news . As usual this debate was full of shit . Candidates acted like a bunch of kids fighting for candy . Only seven candidates were present in the main debate and other were demoted to the secondary debate but Rand boycotted calling it unfair . Trump , as always saying he’s winning in the polls and Cruz who’s gaining him and Rubio were the candidates that stood out .


The Candidates didn’t discuss about policies on improving the american economy but said tax cuts for the rich and corporations was the best thing to do to improve the economy . Ben Carson just made jokes about his sleepiness and  lack of attention he was getting . Kaisch and Christie were just there making no difference  . Rubio was trying to come out on top but failed . Jeb looked really weak and didn’t make strong points . Trump the showman saying all the absurd things and Cruz trying to come from behind .

The hating on Obama continued and he was called the worst president . It is compulsory to hate on Obama to get attention from the republican establishment and the republican voters . He was called a loser for vying for gun control . They all wanted to kick him out of the white house and run their useless mouth on useless policies . They said Obama was taking people rights away and Gun control is the worst thing and this country is in shit . The republican don’t know what facts are and all of them are stupid shits .



The Birth right of Cruz came into question and Cruz talked about Trumps mother who was born in Scotland and made a strong case on his eligibility to run . Cruz talked about conservatives in NY winking at trump and Trump talked about 9/11 like Hillary and obviously won the argument . About free market and trade , trump talked about his excellent relationship with china and his absolutely awesome business skill and how china is ripping us off and taking american jobs away .

When talking about ISIS , all they wanted to do was bomb the shit out of them and FREEEEEEEEDOM and how obama sucked at preventing ISIS and his disastrous  foreign policy . Domestic policies like social securtity , education were sidelined . To rebuild the infrastructure , they wanna bring a lot of money and have the least amount of regulation . All they wanna do is get rid of Tax and just let everything go. Rubio also hit cruz hard on the immigration plan and Cruz with his smug face acted like he was cool . Muslim ban is still there and no one has a clear mind to think properly .


Overall this debate was shit as usual and the candidates were shit as usual




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