When will superhero movies die out ?

Superhero movie and TV franchises have become a really big thing in Hollywood these days . Comic book movies have made a lot of money and they don’t look like they will stop right now. Big studios having rights to different comic franchises have invested a lot of money in developing their respective movies , some have been really great , some have been ok and some have really sucked . So when will people start to get tired of these movies and say we want something different ?

maxresdefault (1).jpg
The whole comic book thing exploded with Marvel’s The Avengers in 2012 when it was praised by critics and made like a billion dollars . Starting with Iron Man in 2008 , Marvel set up their franchise by individual movies like Captain America , Thor … and combining all the characters to make the Avegers.
Marvel with their hugh success in the comic book movie industry started the superhero movie boom that we’ve been seeing these past few years and will continue to go on for a while .

In 2013 , from the DC side with their hugh success in the Dark Knight franchise launched Man Of Steel which did good at the box office but failed to impress the critics . DC were looking for a Marvel type joint universe which was lauched after Man Of Steel and Batman V Supeman : Dawn of Justice with tie more with the DCEU with a lot of characters making appearences and having thier own individual movies in the comic years . Hope Zack Snyder doesn’t ruin the Dawn of Justice Movie and take down the franchise with him .
The X-Men franchise almost died when the X-Men : The Last Stand came out . That movie was not so good but X-Men:First Class didn’t let the franchise go into the ground and Days of Future Fast Made everything right again . The X-men are going strong right and Fox has deadpool coming up it is going somewhat good for Fox , except for Fantastic Four(Looking at a pile of garbage for 2 hours would be more interesting).
In 2016 the movie calender is packed with Batman V Superman , Civil War , Days of future past , Suicide Squad , Dr Strange , Deadpool …. and these movies will keep coming . Some people say that after some years there will be a superhero fatigue and people will be sick of these type of movies but i think this trend will continue for a long time and by long time i mean when studios run out of ideas and just show some people with costumes on screen and market it as a superheros movie .

People love seeing their favourite character come into life in the big screen . They will go to see it until they feel that the character has lost all his charms and charisma . I belive the superhero genre is here to stay and it will never entirely die out .


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