Bernie Sanders Vs Hillary Clinton

bern-rev2 hillary-clinton-2016-president-election
Bernie Sanders is a Senator from the state of Vermont who is running for the presidential election as a candidate from the Democratic Party . He is the longest serving independent candidate in US Congress History . He is a Self described Democratic Socialist. Hillary Clinton is the former secretory of state and the wife of former president Bill Clinton and is running for the president as a candidate of the Democratic Party . She also served as a United States Senator from New York from 2001 to 2009

Political opinion throughout their lifetime :


Bernie Sander political opinion have remained unchanged through out his lifetime while Hillary has had a lot of ups and downs . In 1996 during the Presidency of Bill Clinton , the Congress passed a bill called DOMA(Defence of Marriage Act) Which prohibited the marriage of Homosexuals . The Bill had a majority of 342-67 and Hillary was of the candidates who voted for the act while Bernie voted against it .

In present day , Hillary’s views on lots of issues like Iraq war , Patriot Act , Bailing out Wall Street, … have changed while Bernie’s have been the same .

Top Donors For the Campaign


Hillary Clinton’s top donors are mostly Large corporations , So she has endorsed Super PAC’s while Bernie Sanders opposes the use of Super PAC’s and does not endorse any . Most of his contributions are by middle class working people .



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Their policies are mostly the same but Hillary’s has become a lot liberal and has changed her stance in a lot of topics that she previously opposed while Bernie on the other hand has one the most consistent political records in history and still lives by his ideals and wants his ideas to be a reality for the American Public .


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